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Nuno Monteiro
11-21-2002, 02:01 AM
Dear all,

I'm new to this electronic mailing list, and the reason I joined in is that I'm in need of
some technical help.

I'm trying to monitor the rhythmic activity of some particular species of fishes
(Syngnathidae family, which includes pipefishes and seahorses). The first paper that
I've produced in this area was based on direct movement counts (I spend weeks
looking at videotapes and counting movements). Now that I know that this work can
be done automatically, I was wondering if someone could give me some instructions.
I was thinking in using an aquarium with white walls, to create a good contrast
between the fish and the background. If I film the fishes for 4 days with a webcam (of
some sort), and keep the movie in my computer (e.g. mpeg), is there any kind of
software that can "follow" the movements of the fish through the aquarium and count
them, in relation to time? This would allow me to know exactly the time of day when
the fishes moved or rested.

If I haven't been suficiently explicit please send me an e-mail directly to

Thanks for the attention,

Nuno Monteiro

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