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David P. Dillard
11-26-2002, 05:54 PM
Training Mega-Website AND The Communication Initiative

The University of Findlay is host to a website created by an athletic
training director Dr. Donald Fuller, PhD, ATC. This site has an extensive
collection of information and links relevant to the information needs of
athletic trainers and those wishing to learn more about the health issues
and injury treatment of athletes.

"Athletic Training is recognized by the American Medical Association
(AMA) as an allied health (medical) profession which provides
comprehensive care to athletic or physically active individuals. A
Certified Athletic Trainer or ATC is involved in the prevention,
assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries."

Athletic Training

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If you do not find out what you want to know about athletic training from
this website or the resources that it links to or cites, then that
information probably has not been written yet.

Another unrelated website with content of interest to those involved with
medicine is The Communication Initiative.

The Communication Initiative


South Asia
Immunization & Vaccination

You can customise this section of the Home Page of The Communication
Initiative web site to reflect your personal and/or organisational
interests and priorities. For example if your interests are Gender,
Education and South Asia you can select those codes [instructions here].
Then, each day that you come to The Communication Initiative web site the
most recent information relevant to those areas of interest will appear in
this box. That information will be drawn from The Communication Initiative
site and 250 plus [the number is growing] other Development focussed web
sites. This creates a one-stop, daily service specifically relevant to
your needs.


Content Samples:


Tobacco Consumption

Source: WHO World Health Report: Tobacco

Almost one billion men in the world smoke (about 35% of men in developed
countries and 50% of men in developing countries).
About 250 million women in the world are daily smokers (about 22% of women
in developed countries and 9% of women in developing countries).

Tobacco consumption is increasing all over the world and is estimated to
kill 8.4 million people a year by 2020 if drastic control measures are not
put into effect.

Tobacco kills 560 people per hour, 13,400 people per day, or 4.9 million
people per year.


Issue 173 includes:
The Right to Know Initiative (RTK) - a global participatory communication
and outreach initiative focusing on HIV/AIDS and related issues with and
for young people


A Report has been issued by twinning against AIDS, a project to explore
how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be used to
strengthen and further develop the capacity of organisations responding to
the global AIDS crisis to share their experiences, learn from each other,
and develop more effective tools in their work.


Guide to Diagnostic Role Play
A new qualitative research method to help programmes learn more about
important current behaviors and develop effective strategies that promote
and support alternative behaviors that should result in improved health.

Fight Against the Fist: A series of Radio Shows
Six 10 minute mini dramas about domestic violence, emphasising the rights
of women and children.


I hope that both of these resources will be of substantial value to
members of this discussion group.

David Dillard
Temple University
(215) 204 - 4584

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