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Garth Johnson
11-26-2002, 10:00 PM
Dear Readers,

I am pleased to advertise the post below. Please bring this to the
attention of anyone who might be interested.

Many thanks

Garth Johnson
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Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies (CREST)
University of Newcastle
Post of Postdoctoral Research Associate

As a result of recent funding from the European Commission, there is a
vacancy for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join our team developing
novel approaches to the quantification of hand and arm skills in relation to
the selection of interface devices such as joysticks, mice, switches etc for
people with disabilities. The project involves the use of a Phantom haptic
device for the quantification of skills and the development of the necessary
test equipment and simulation software. The post is for a period of 36
The work will take place in The Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering
Studies (CREST) (www.ncl.ac.uk/crest) which is an interdisciplinary research
group concerned with the application of engineering technology to problems
of physical disability. The Group has a particular expertise in upper limb
biomechanics and neurorehabilitation.
Applicants must have a First or upper Second Honours Degree in Mechanical or
Electrical Engineering or a related discipline and ideally should have a
PhD. In addition, the ideal applicant will have experience in software
development for Phantom or related robotic devices.
The salary will be on the Research Associate 1A Scale in the range: 18265 -

Enquiries to:
Professor Garth R Johnson
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies (CREST)
School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Stephenson Building
University of Newcastle
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK
Tel: +44 - (0)191-222-6196/6170
Fax: +44 - (0)191-222-8600
Email: g.r.johnson@ncl.ac.uk

(Professor) Garth R Johnson FREng
Centre for Rehabilitation and Engineering Studies (CREST)
Stephenson Building
University of Newcastle

Tel: +44-191-222-6196
Fax: +44-191-222-8600
email: g.r.johnson@ncl.ac.uk

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