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Jesse Wobrock
12-02-2002, 06:51 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Here is a summary of responses to my earlier inquiry. Thanks for the
good leads.


I am aware of a Division 1A baseball coach who is interested in

> finding a motion analysis software that can be used specifically for

> baseball, on the baseball field (not using reflective markers in a

> lab), which can be quickly analyzed/calculated (on a laptop or PC) and

> output kinematic/kinetic results within a matter of minutes. I am

> aware of a couple golf swing motion analysis systems that can give

> "quick and dirty" results but I am still looking for something that

> would be excellent for baseball analysis. I am hoping that someone

> can give me good leads to point me in the right direction. Thank you

> for your consideration.


Further to your posting to the Biomechanics forum regarding motion
anlysis for baseball, you may like to have a look at the Charnwood
Dynamics website. Charnwood Dynamics manufacture the Codamotion motion
analysis systems and have recently introduced the CODA cx1 which is the
first truly portable and accurate motion anlaysis system. The cx1 is
able to run from a laptop allowing measurements to be performed on site
rather than in a dedicated studio (as long as the system is not used in
direct sunlight).

I have actually 2 solutions for you. Give me a call so we can discuss
your application a bit more.


You might want to check into KineView, the movement analysis software
from Kine. You can look at the information on our website: www.kine.is
and if you think this might be of your interest, you can also order a
free demo version. It is very easy to use, and all you need is a video
camera, which can be transported anywhere. The program will still allow
you to track manually, certain anatomic landmarks, even without the need
of reflective markers. It includes four interactive tools, which will
allow you to make measurements such as angles, velocity, accelerations,
lengths, etc. and give you x and y coordinates.

one suggestion...see http://www.siliconcoach.

Try www.siliconcoach.com. Their system looks quite good. I saw it

demonstrated last month I haven't used it as yet but have it ordered.

up cost about $Aus1700 + $1800 for a digital video camera.

Check www.arielnet.com

One of our users has an extensive database & experience on baseball


For ambulant motion analysis you should consider 3D inertial sensors

(Accelerometers, rate of turn sensors). Have a look at

http://www.xsens.com/index_mt9.htm to see what Xsens has to offer in

area. Such sensors are excellent to analyse the fast kinetics of sports.

Please have a look at SIMI-Motion. It provides easy 2D and 3D analysis
based on video. It is completely mobile - you may use a notebook and 3
DV cameras, all powered by battery. You can include force platforms, EMG
or other analog equipment or insole pressure distribution measurements.
One of our customers recently used SIMI-Motion for 3D analysis of
cricket which is not too different from baseball. Have a look at their

homepage: www.sportsdigital.co.uk -> performance analysis, or

Please visit www.simi.com for further information.


I believe they use the APAS system. It's not as accurate as the in-lab
motion capture systems but should suffice for "quick-n-dirty" stuff on
the field.

I checked with a colleague of mine, and she recommends the HUMAN

for "down and dirty" digitizing and analysis. You can check it out on
the web

at their site: www.hma-tech.com

Jesse Wobrock


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