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Phil Rowe
05-25-1993, 05:03 AM
Dear all Biomch-l users,

how would you like to spread those wings and join a mailbase
which deals with issues in physiotherapy ? Its called


I'm a biomechanics lecturer in a Physio department and we've
just set up a physiotherapy mailbase. New members would be most
welcome. So if you have got an interest in an aspect of physio-
therapy why not

sign up, tune in and give out !!!

to join the physio list you need to send a mail message to


with the line join physio "name of user" as the only line of text

my mail message looked like this


To: mailbase@uk.ac.mailbase
Sub: Joining physio list

join physio Phil Rowe


hope this is clear
if not please contact me as below


: : :
: Dr Philip J. Rowe : Telephone 031 317 3655 :
: Department of Physiotherapy : Fax 031 317 3256 :
: Queen Margaret College : email phrowe@uk.ac.qmced.main :
: Edinburgh : :
: Scotland : :
: EH12 8TS : :

ps @ is an ampasand if our keyboards dont match !


----- End forwarded message