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12-08-2002, 07:03 PM
Dear Jose:
this is not the first time we see requests like your.
Unfortunately, all research labs that have such models usually
obtained them because of an industrial research contract, which
typically excludes the possibility of making available to third
parties the prosthetic models we receive form the companies.

As Biomechanics community, I guess we should try to convince the
orthopaedics companies to make available in the public domain the CAD
models of at least those designs that are not in production anymore.
this would be particularly useful for those designs that were retired
because of poor performances. I guess having the CAD model of the 3M
Capital prosthesis would be extremely interesting for many of us.

I am posting this reply on the lists because I would like to hear
from those colleagues working in companies or in regulatory bodies
whether this is in their opinion a feasible idea, and under which

Best regards


>Dear colleagues
>At the University of Aveiro, Department of Mechanical
>Engineering, we are developing and assessing a new
>hip reconstruction. Within this objective, we are
>our finite element simulations. We would like to ask if
>colleagues could send us IGES formats (or other usable
>of the geometry of cemented hip replacements and allow us
>to use them for comparative purposes. We would be even
>happy if these prosthesis are inserted in the standardized
>femur program (Rizzoli Institute). We can accept formats
>for Abaqus, Ideas and HyperMesh and are mainly, but not
>only, interested in the Stanmore, Charnley, Exeter and
>Lubinius cemented versions. We look forward to analyse
>others also.
>We will appreciate much your kind help and will be pleased
>to send you our results and conclusions when the study is
>Let me have this opportunity to send you all a MERRY
>Best Regards
>Jose Simoes
>Department of Mechanical Engineering
>University of Aveiro
>3810-193 Aveiro
>Tel: + 351 234 370830
>Fax: + 351 234 370953
>E-mail: simoes@mec.ua.pt
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