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Christopher D. Ingersoll
12-10-2002, 02:03 AM
In collaboration with
The Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative
Therapies & the Department of Athletics


Announcement of Pre-Doctoral Fellowships 2003-2004
Applications are invited for pre-doctoral fellowships in
Sports Medicine at the University of Virginia. The
fellowships are sponsored by the NIH-supported Center for
the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, and
provide an annual stipend of $18,156. Tuition, fees, and
health insurance are covered up to $3,000; then 60% of
combined cost above $3,000 is covered. In addition, $2,000
is provided annually to support travel to conferences for

These fellowships require that candidates commit to perform
clinical research in one of the following areas:
(1) bioelectromagnetic applications (particularly
application of stimulating currents to measure and resolve
arthrogenic muscle inhibition);
(2) therapeutic modalities;
(3) applied kinesiology (particularly bio- and
neuro-mechanics of sports injuries)

Candidates will provide clinical services to
intercollegiate athletics and will be expected to integrate
their practice into clinical research. The program is
typically 3 years. Clinical services and research will be
conducted during the first 2 years. The 3rd year of the
fellowship will be 100% research in one of the above areas.
Candidates will be exposed to interdisciplinary research
teams consisting of scientists from the Departments of
Human Services, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Orthopaedics, and the School of Nursing. Further,
candidates have the opportunity to work in laboratories in
each of these units, as well as the General Clinical
Research Center.

Two years of postdoctoral training may be available upon
completion of doctoral work.

Visit our web pages to learn more about the doctoral
program in Sports Medicine
and the Center for the Study of Complementary and
Alternative Therapies

Applications must be RECEIVED by MARCH 1, 2003. Application
information and materials can be found at:
for application to the PhD program and
octoral for application for the fellowship.

If you have questions, please contact:

Christopher D. Ingersoll, PhD, ATC, FACSM Director,
Graduate Programs in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
University of Virginia PO Box 400407 210 Emmet Street,
South Charlottesville, VA 22904-4407
(434) 924-6187
(434) 924-1389 FAX
email: Ingersoll@virginia.edu

Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

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