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12-10-2002, 08:25 AM
Hello all,

A colleague of mine posed a question to me that I have not been able to
find an answer to. She is serving as an expert witness in a legal case and
would like to be able to provide evidence that increased body weight of
players will cause an increase in the risk and severity of injuries
sustained during a collision, specifically in American football. I
explained to her the application of the Conservation of Momentum principle,
but she needs to present empirical evidence, not just a hypothetical or
theoretical explanation. A search of Medline did not reveal any studies
that have empirically demonstrated this fact. In the simplest terms, she
wants evidence that a collision between a 300 lb lineman and a 200 lb
lineman will increase chance of injury for the 200 lb lineman as compared
to a collision between a 250 lb. lineman and a 200 lb. lineman. Is anyone
aware of any empirical research that I could share with her?

Thanks, Kathy

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