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12-12-2002, 12:04 AM
Thanks to those who responded.
The important points seem to be contained in the following messages.
I am checking out the spreadsheet method now.

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We are working on a tsv to c3d translator for Visual3D that should be
finished in a few weeks.
W. Scott Selbie
C-Motion, Inc.
15821A Crabbs Branch Way
Rockville, MD 20855
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Hi Chris,
Oddly enough I've just recieved another email that arrived a day ago
that contained a user written spreadsheet for creating a C3D file from
within Excel - I've updated the C3D web site ... this may do what you
want. Look for "Convert data to C3D - User written application" on this

Edmund Cramp
C3D web site http://www.c3d.org

The spreadsheet is probably the quickest way to get some data from
any ASCII format into C3D - you will need to download the C3Dserver
and install it to get the spreadsheet to work. Email me if you have
problems with getting the going.
Note that the C3Dserver comes in two basic flavors - the download
version is fully functional and free but is not fast (TNSTAFL). A
license to upgrade to a full-speed version can be purchased from us at
Motion Labs Systems if you decide you like it and need the speed.
I can't help you much with the spreadsheet because I don't read
French although quite a bit of the code is commented in English. The
author has included his email address so you would be able to contact
him if you have problems there. If you have a lot of conversions to
run then you might want to write a stand alone Visual Basic
application using the C3Dserver. Since the C3Dserver adheres to the
published C3D standards you should not give Scott's programs any
There are several helpful C3D tools on the C3D web site - the most
common download in the viewer application that opens and displays the
contents of any C3D file.

Edmund Cramp
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email: eac@motion-labs.com

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