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Andreas Kranzl
12-14-2002, 11:36 PM
Dear List members,

Thank you for responses on my question on the BIOMCH-L list.

Here is a summary of responses to my question "Software which combining EMG
and video"

Following software solutions were recommended (no ranking).

Soleasy Player 1.1 from www.aleasol.ch
SIMI-Motion from www.simi.com
KineView, KineMyo and KinePro from www.kine.is
software Myolab of Bts
Ariel APAS software package
Self written solutions with c++ or Matlab
NeuroSys2000 from www.glonner.com
Software from Noraxon
System from www.noldus.com
Mega Electronics (Finland) from
Datapac 2K2 application from www.runtech.com
IVAN from BIOGESTA in France
Peak Motus from www.peakperform.com


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