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Dale Braun
12-17-2002, 02:43 AM
I am forwarding an inquiry from a friend of mine.

Please send responses to my address. I will summarize and post the
responses. Thanks

> Hello,
> I'm a physiotherapist working in an out-patient orthopaedic setting in
> Canada, and I'm looking for an application to assist with patient
> education. I'm interested in computer generated models with the ability
> to high-light muscles, ligaments and other structures around the various
> joints of the body. I'd like for the model to have the potential to be
> animated to show muscle/ligament injury during motion. In terms of
> precision, I'm looking more for stylish representation rather than
> absolute correct anatomical relationships, as the program will be
> for patient education purposes.
> Does such a program exist?
> Thank you,
> Nathan Vanderkuip

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