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12-18-2002, 01:18 AM
Dear listers,

Thanks to those who responded.
You will find below the summary of the answers.



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Fabien Basset:
You'll find all information about false sprint start on the website:

Steve LeBlanc:
I believe the rule is that if a certain level of force (not sure how much) is
applied to either block peddle within 100ms of the gun firing, a tone will
sound in the headset of the head starter who may (but does not have to)
call a
false start. You can check the IAAF rule book at:

Jared Fletcher:
Pressure sensors on both blocks detect changes in pressure in the blocks.
If there is any change in pressure within 0.100s of the gun being fired, a
false start is registered as a tone in the starter's ear, where he then
calls the race back.

Adam Knudson:
It is my understanding that both feet are measured in order to ensure
that the false start is detected. A company called Finishlynx makes one
of the more widely used detectors called Reac Time. Thier website
(www.finishlynx.com) has some more detailed information on how thier
device works. Hope this helps.

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