View Full Version : Gait analysis for development of an equine prosthetic

12-20-2002, 03:47 AM
Good day to everyone,

I am part of a team currently working on a project to develop a prosthetic
foot for a 1200 lb walking horse. We have had good sucess finding kinematic
data of the limb as well as ground reaction-force magnitudes and directions of
each gait phase. My question is for anyone that is practised in the design of
lower limb prosthetics: What are our various avenues for using the gait data
to actually design an end prosthetic in a human?

We would like to better understand the development process of current human
ESPF's (such as the Flex-Foot) and adopt the process for our Equine version.
Anyone willing to share their knowledge would be appreciated, and I would be
happy to share lots more information about the project.


Robert Armiger

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