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12-26-2002, 10:02 PM
Dear All,
Three weeks ago, I asked a question concerning the rôle of the
pelvis-trochanteric muscles during gait.
Would you find enclosed a summary of the responses :

Dear Michel,
I am sending you in series two mailes my concept about the role of the
pelvis-trochanteric muscles obturator internus and externus during gait I
hope it could be useful for you.
Roumen Dobrev
Ex-Head of Dept. of Biomechanics
University Hospital of Orthopaedics


Before you do anything, read some of Peter Huijing's recent work on the
interaction of muscles and connective tissues. Once you read his work you
can no longer think that one muscle pulls on one tendon and creates this
movement or that force. There are no longer agonists and antagonists.
Steve Levin

Try looking at Gary Gray's books and seminars out of Adrian, Michigan (Winn
Marketing Inc.). He is a not a researcher, however he is a physical
therapist that has thought his way into and through some very interesting
biomechanical ideas.
Basically, according to him and his team the
pelvotrochanteric muscles (deep external rotators are most important in
assisting with decelerating internal rotation of the femur during the first
half of stance phase of gait, then assisting with external rotation in the
second half. Pronation at heel strike causes internal rotation of the tibia
and thus the femur. These muscles help control this transverse plane
movement during gait. Gray is a big believer in the transverse plane as
being the dominant plane of movement in human motion even when walking a
straight line.
Ryan Joiner

i do not have any literature to direct you to, but my main thought is that
they are primarily " controllers " of internal rotation when on stance leg.
the contralateral side of pelvis is rotating anterior, causing internal
rotation over the stance leg, and these small muscles will help control
that. just a thought.
heather gulgin
phD candidate
university of toledo

Zijlstra et al
Displacement of the pelvis during human walking: experimental data and
model predictions
Gait & Posture: 6(3), pp. 249-262

Lamoth et al
Pelvis-thorax coordination in transverse plane during gait
Gait & Posture 16(2), pp.101-114

Biomechanics of distance running - Peter R. Cavanagh
Edited Human Kinetics Books, Champaign-Ilinois
ISBN 0-87322-268-7

The biomechanics and motor control of human gait: normal, elderly and
pathological (2nd edition)
David A Winter
University of Waterloo press
ISBN: 0-88898-105-8

The first two references are not especially related to the muscles but to
the biomechanics of the pelvis during locomotion.
The last two are basics and include the EMG's of all leg muscles,
including the one's attached to the pelvis.

I don't know whether the mentioned muscles are included in the books.

I just looked in the table of contents of the last issue of Gait & Posture
16(3) ans saw two possible interesting articles. One Concerning recative
balance adjustments (especially made by the hip) from Ferber et al, one
concerning the comparison of hip and knee muscle moments from Manetta et

In hope to be of any help
KInd regards

Veerle Segers
Movement Analysis Lab (Prof. Dr. D. De Clercq)
Departement of Movement and Sports Sciences
Ghent University, Watersportlaan 2, B-9000 Gent, BELGIUM
Tel.:+32(0), Fax.:+32(0)

Michel PILLU
PhD Biomécanique
La Renaissance Sanitaire
Tél : 03 23 70 75 38
06 23 89 84 06
Fax : 03 23 70 53 24
E-mails : michel.pillu@hopital-villiers.net


Michel PILLU
PhD Biomécanique
La Renaissance Sanitaire
Tél : 03 23 70 75 38
06 23 89 84 06
Fax : 03 23 70 53 24
E-mails : michel.pillu@hopital-villiers.net


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