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12-30-2002, 06:58 AM
Please find below my original posting followed by the responses. Thanks to
all who replied!

> Hello, I am looking to get some information from facilities who are
> currently using or previosly used digital video (via Firewire) integrated
> into Vicon Workstation.
> 1. Has anyone seen a product besides the Videonics MXPro DV that can
> split two Firewire signals and output a single Firewire signal containing
> a split screen of the two?
> 2. For those using the Videonics MXPro Dv for splitting, what type of
> Firewire Board are you using in your computer? How successful has this
> been?
> I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I will submit a summary of the
> responses.
> Thanks,
> Nick Gryfakis
> Motion Analysis Center
> Children's Memorial Hospital
> Chicago, IL
Doesn't work. I've tried three firewire boards and failed with all of them.
I'm fairly certain that the problem is with the way Windows recognises
external devices. Windows tries to detect a firewire device by recognising
the response that the device gives to signals that the computer sends out.
Unfortunately the MX DV Pro only has a one way (output) firewire connector
and therefore cannot possibly detect the signals that the computer is
sending out and similarly cannot possibly respond to them.

If you contact Videonics (who are now part of Focus Enhancements) they will
be fairly unhelpful telling you that this is a Windows problem and that
their device works fine with a Mac. They will also tell you that the device
does work with the Viewcast Osprey 500 DV card. I remain skeptical about
this but haven't tried it. This card is a fairly high spec card at a fairly
high price and having wasted money on three cards already I'm reluctant to
buy another.

There are also some software issues. A lot of video capture packages take
over control of the DV device and this is obviously not possible with the
one way firewire connection of the MX DV Pro. You thus need a software
package that facilitates the disabling of the Device Control. I don't think
this is an issue with capturing through Workstation but you need to bear it
in mind if you are intending to use such a package for other applications.

No I don't know of any other digital splitters. I'd be most grateful if you
could tell me if anyone does come up with one as a a result of this mailing.

The solution we are using at the moment is taking the analogue signal out
of the mixer and passing it into a Pinnacle PCTV card which will accept
analogue input (this is quite cheap). This clearly makes a nonsense of the
case we have made to our business manager to upgrade everything to digital
to ensure better resolution.

I'm not a video expert and the above is stuff I've pieced together from a
variety of conversations with a variety of specialists who I only half
understand! I'm fairly confident I've got the gist of it but I may be

Hope this is helpful and if you do make progress please let me know. I'm
looking for a solution to the same problem.


Anyway, your question is one I had a year ago when we first upgraded to DV
cameras. Unfortunately,
I couldn't afford the Videonics MXPro but this is the only truly DV mixer
that I know of. So I ended up using two Firewire cards (Western Digital) and
syncing the two cameras using SIMI's DV software. However, the capture time
was too slow so now we use our RealTime (MAC) system to capture the DV

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