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01-06-2003, 07:31 AM
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Doctoral Assistantship

Motion Analysis Laboratory
Biomechanics and Movement Science Program
University of Delaware

Applications are now being solicited for a 2 yr Post-doctoral Fellowship
in the Motion Analysis Laboratory at the University of Delaware
beginning June, 2003. The primary responsibility of the successful
candidate will be the project management of the last 2 yrs of a 5 yr
prospective biomechanical study of stress fractures in runners funded by
the Dept of the Army. In addition, the fellow will be involved in all
of the ongoing research projects in the laboratory.

We are also seeking highly motivated students for our multidisciplinary
doctoral program in Biomechanics and Movement Science. The focus of the
laboratory is the study of the relationship between lower extremity
mechanics and injury. Current funded projects include a Dept of the
Army funded 5 yr prospective study of tibial stress fractures in
runners. In addition, funding for a 5 yr study of the effect of wedged
orthoses on Knee OA has recently been secured as part of a larger
multi-project study at UD. A number of studies of foot orthotic
intervention are also underway. Other areas of interest include the
study of biomechanical factors associated with the gender bias in ACL

The Motion Analysis Lab is a 2500 sq ft facility with a 6 camera, 60/120
Hz VICON motion analysis system (with real time capabilities), 2 BERTEC
force platforms, accelerometry and EMG. The real time system is
currently being used to investigate the ability to retrain gait patterns
in injured runners. A fee-for-service running injury clinic is also
offered at the lab.

Candidates with research experience in the areas described will be given
preference. Candidates with physical therapy backgrounds are also
strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact:

Irene McClay Davis, PhD, PT
Director of Research, Joyner Sportsmedicine Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
305 McKinly Lab
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

(302)831-4263 (ph)
(302)831-4234 (fax)


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