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01-07-2003, 03:24 AM

We are currently building an exercise room in a metabolism research center in order to evaluate the impact of resistance training on weight management. We need to standardize the volume and intensity of our training program. The usual wya to do so is by measuring the number of reps X sets X weight for the volume. This, unfortunatly is a gross estimate because it does not account for speed of execution (power).

Woud it be useful to measure power and total work for each repetition and set of a resistance training program in order to fully assess the work volume and intensity ? If so, what kind of equipment could be installed on standard resistance training machine ?

I've looked in medline for some information be did not find anything specific to that topic. I was hoping someone on this list could help.

Thank you,

Maxime St-Onge
Agent de Recherche
Département de Nutrition
Université de Montréal
(514)343-6111 # 1619

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