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Gareth Pearce
01-07-2003, 01:29 PM
Dear List subscribers,

I am very much hoping some members of this list can help me with this general query.

I have recently taken up management of the equine group here at the University of Sydney - Orange and I am intending to purchase equipment to allow us to look at equine kinematics as part of our developing teaching & research programmes.

I am at present trying to find out details of the APAS, SIMI & CODA systems which I understand may be suitable.

I would guess that many members of this list have considerable experience with some or all of these systems and probably others I don't know about as well !

I was really hoping that some of you could offer me some confidential feedback and advise on the practicalities & relative merits of using any of these systems in lab & field based studies particularly relating to performance horses.

Also, if any of you know of anyone who may be able to offer additional advise on these systems but is not on the list, I would be really grateful if you could put me in touch with them.

Hoping you may be able to help & thanking you all in anticipation,

Best regards

Gareth Pearce

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Dr Gareth Pearce BSc (Hons) BVSc PhD MRCVS

Director, University of Sydney - Orange Equine Centre
Senior Lecturer in Equine Science & Animal Production,

University of Sydney - Orange,
Faculty of Rural Management,
PO Box 883, Leeds Parade,=20
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e-mail: gpearce@orange.usyd.edu.au

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