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Christopher L. Vaughan
05-28-1993, 12:34 AM
28 May 1993

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to report that the latest edition (volume 6, number 1)
of the ASB Newsletter came back from the printers a week ago. It
should be arriving in your mailbox any day now. For those of you
who would like to get a PostScript copy of the file via the
Internet, here are your instructions. Once you are signed in to
your host computer, do the following:

ftp uvaarpa.virginia.edu

When it asks for your name, you should type:


and then for your password, simply type in your regular computer
account number (mine is clv4r, for example). ou should then get
the message that your guest login is okay and access restrictions
apply. ou should also see the following prompt:


Now what you want to do is change the directory as follows:

cd public_access

Finally, you need to get the appropriate file:

get asbnews.ps

This is a large ASCII file (908,746 bytes) but with the file
transfer protocol (I guess that's what ftp stands for!) it should
take less than half a minute to transfer. Note that since this
file is a pure text (i.e. ASCII) file it is NOT necessary to set
the line up for a binary transfer. ou can return (exit) to your
host machine by typing:


In order to get a hardcopy of this file, you need to have a
PostScript printer. When copying the asbnews.ps file onto a
personal computer, don't try and do this via a 2400 baud modem: it
will take over an hour! On a DOS-based machine, once you have set
the printer up to accept a PostScript file, you can get a copy of
the ASB Newsletter by typing:

print asbnews.ps prn

Please note that the newsletter doesn't come out perfectly: one or
two pieces of artwork were not faithfully saved in PostScript
format, and two advertisements were only included at the printing
stage. Anyway, this is a start. I trust that you find some
material of interest in this latest issue of the ASB Newsletter.
I look forward to seeing you all in Iowa City in October!

Kit Vaughan