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01-14-2003, 02:10 AM
Hello All,

We have just begun to explore the possibility of pairing MRI images and FEA
and have run into some roadblocks. Here's our situation, and I'm hoping
someone can help by offering any guidance. One application of Amira is 3D
surface reconstruction from MR (or CT) images. The problem is getting
surfaces out of Amira and into Patran which is the FEA pre-processor we
have to work with.

I'm hoping anyone who could figure out how to convert such images into a
format that Patran can accept (or anyone familiar with using Amira files
for FEA) can offer some advise.

We have tried a few things such as using Solid Edge, Solid Works, and
Unigraphics as an intermediary but this hasn't produced the desired
surface. Perhaps there are settings that could easily be changed?

These are the relevant file types that Amira can export:
Unv (Ideas)

To my knowlege, these are the files types that Patran can import:
IGES (*.igs)
Patran NEUTRAL (*.out)
STEP (*.st(p))
Parasolid xmt
Cadds 5
Euclid 3
Express Neutral

For example, the *.igs files we have created in a different surface
reconstruction program (Mimics) have seemed to work the best with Patran:
is it possible to convert a *.dxf(3D) file to *.igs using some intermediary

Thanks in advance for you help,
Rebecca Shearn

Biomedical Engineer

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