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01-17-2003, 03:38 AM
Dear Colleagues

This is to inform you that the Call for Abstracts for the forthcoming
International Meeting on Applied Physics (APHYS-2003), to be held in Badajoz
(Spain), during October 14-18th 2003, is now opened.


Abstracts submission deadline: March 24th 2003

As you can see, Applied Surface Science, Imaging Techniques and related
fields will have very important weight in the scientific Program of
APHYS-2003. Some of topics to be covered will be:

- Surfaces, Interfaces and Colloids
- Nano-sciences and Technologies
- Imaging Techniques, Microscopy
- Materials Science
- Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials
- Computational Physics

In addition to the regular Scientific Program, several International
Workshops will be held as pre-conference events. At this moment, two
international Workshops are programmed which are for sure of your interest:

1. Pre-conference Workshop: International Interdisciplinar Workshop on
Bioengineered Non-crystalline Solids

2. Modern Applied Microscopy in Molecular and Cell Biophysics
Research(please visit the website for details)

For all the information regarding the conference, please visit

Papers accepted for presentation will be reviewed for publication in special
issues of::
- Journal of Microscopy
- Journal of Non-crystalline Solids
- European Cells and Materials
- Applied Surface Science (to be confirmed)

For issues regarding Commercial Exhibition and Sponsorship, please refer to
the Conference website.

Reviewers are wanted for this International Meeting. If you are interested
in taking part as reviewer, please contact us with your personal data,
fields of expertise and a list of publications.

Thank you in advance and please contact us for any suggestion or question.

Antonio Mendez-Vilas
APHYS-2003 Co-ordinator

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