View Full Version : human walking database and questions

Steve Lin
01-23-2003, 01:08 PM
Hi. I am a graduate student working on human walking research.
I am looking for a database with wide variation in height, weight, and age,
and different gender. Ideally, I'd like to get the joint angle data in the walking
motion. (force plate data is a plus.)

The idea is to perform statistical analysis on the database and try to
understand how height, weight, and age affect the walking gait.
There might be lots of research on this, but we hope we can gather
as much data as possible such that the analysis is unbiased.
( We care more about the gait of the healthy subjects.)
If anyone know any related research, please let me know.

Besides, I am also interested in the perception/recognition of the gait.
What kind of features are better for identifying the gait signature of a person?
( e.g., toe-clearence, time distance function of the gait, pelvis list
percentage of each phrase in a gait cycle, etc.)

I'll be glad to receive any comments on the database or project.


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