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Dr. Chris Kirtley
01-24-2003, 06:50 AM
Dear all,

Several months back, there was a posting by Jim Martin:


..that referred to errors in David Winter's book "Biomechanics and
Motor Control of Human Movement". I followed this up because I like this
book very much, and was surprised to hear about the errors. Despite
another reminder on BIOMCH-L (December 10, 2001), I never did hear of

I think it is time for this issue to be resolved, and Ton van den Bogert
has recently received this message from David Winter himself:

David Winter wrote:
> Hi Ton,
> Thanks for your e-mail. There are a few typo errors in the text and a few
> of the problems in the earlier chapters have errors in the reported answers
> (this in spite of the fact that I paid a graduate student quite handsomly
> to check them all out). I am in the process of writing a 3rd edition which
> will not only update the book but remove the typos. The 3rd edition will
> not be ready for at least 18 months so when I have gone through the 2nd
> edition on a line by line basis I will send in the errors.
> Cheers,
> Dave

It would be nice if people would report errors they find, so that Dr.
Winter can make the necessary corrections for the 3rd edition.

I'm sure we are all eagerly awaiting this 3rd edition of the bible of

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