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01-30-2003, 04:21 AM
I am preparing my presentation for symposium in Berlin on February
13, on the pre-operative planning of total hip replacement. Using
the hip-Op and related tedhnologies we are looking at how the
varibility of the implant positioning during planning affects
biomechanical parameters such as skeletal range of motion of implant

One thing we computed is how the rest length of the hip muscle
changes because of the relocation of the joint centre due to the
total hip replacement. We got some nice numbers, but I am in trouble
with their intepretation. What is the maximum % increase in length
that we can consider acceptable, i.e. done without damaging the
muscle or producing major pain?

I tried a medline search but I need some initial focus or I get lost
in the mare magnum of the muscle biomechanics literature.

Help ....


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