View Full Version : Re: Knee valgus with OptoTrak

K. Brady
02-03-2003, 01:50 PM
We are looking to capture both knee flexion angle and knee valgus (initially
for a single leg) using OptoTrak during a jump-landing task. Literature and
archive searches have yielded little or no detailed description of
techniques used to quantify knee valgus in the studies which refer to it.
The following are several of our fundamental questions, but any suggestions
and/or references would be gratefully received:

Can these be effectively captured with a single camera bank ?

Can one reliably distinguish effects of segment rotation vs. true valgus ?

Is there any consensus about ideal and minimal marker sets from which to
derive these measurements ?

Are there particular joint center estimation methods which have proven
better or worse in similar applications ?

Thank you,

K. Brady
Research Assistant
Sports Medicine Research Lab
Sargent College, Boston Univ.

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