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02-04-2003, 12:14 AM
Dear Biomechanists,
I'm a PhD student (Applied Mechanics) at University of Bologna, Italy, and
I'm working on a prosthetic arm project; in order to define the smallest
workspace of the artificial arm and the range of motion of every single
joint, I've to know what are the main, minimum tasks that upper limb
prostheses (for bilateral amputees) must replicate.
Does anyone know whether a protocol that defines these primary tasks exists?
Where can I get something similar?
Iread some article concerning the Arm Motion during daily living activities,
but I got only generic information, e.g. as for "Feeding" "Reaching &
Picking up objects" "Personal Hygiene" and so on.
I would like to get more detailed information, particularly about the
shoulder joint range of motion during daily living tasks and I'll be glad if
someone can please help me.
Thank you all.
Marco Troncossi

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