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Michael Horan
02-04-2003, 12:23 AM
List Members,
I know this might seem like a post from 1990, but I haven't seen any recent
requests regarding this topic. We would like to update our MTS MiniBionix
858/407 controller w/strip chart recorder to a digital collection system. I
don't think we can afford TestStar right now, so I was wondering what the
minimum we need is in terms of software and hardware for our PC to collect
data from the MTS, with a rough estimate of prices. Any brief advice on
computer control thrown in would be an added bonus, though I don't know if
we'll do that now. Can anyone give me a good internet source to narrow down
the volumes of information out there or perhaps even a quick primer on
setting up a digital capture system? Thanks in advance.

Michael Horan
MUSC Orthopaedic Research Labs
Charleston, SC

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