View Full Version : Abductor moment in knee

Haydar Gök
02-04-2003, 06:51 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

I have some questions about the coronal plane kinetics
of the knee joint. Normally we record an abductor
(valgus) moment pattern throughout stance phase with a
somewhat double-peak pattern that is created primarly
by ligamentous forces with our Vicon 370 system. On
the other hand, as center of gravity passes through
medial condyles an external adductor moment develops
which is shown to be further exaggarated in medial OA.
What does this abductor moment pattern reflect ? a
pure internal moment or net moment taking external
adductor moment into account? What is the clinical
significance of an increase in abductor moment ? How
can I calculate the external adductor moment with
Vicon 370 system.

I look forward to any suggestions and help from people
involved in clinical gait assessment.

Haydar Gok, MD
Ankara University School of Medicine
Dept of PMR Ankara-Turkey

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