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02-08-2003, 03:53 PM
Position: Senior Biomechanical R&D
Geographic Location: Schwerin Germany
Job Description: OrTrack is a startup company developing a computer
added orthopedic support system using a novel tracking system and
biomechanical approach. We are seeking for a professional in the
biomechanics of the human joints and musculoskeletal system, to join the
company at its early stage and lead the biomechanical aspect of the
development. Among others the position objectives are:
Develop human biomechanical modeling based on tracker measurements.
Mechanical 3D model estimations (reverse kinematic)
Mechanical modeling of both patient and implants and their
Visualization algorithm development.
Orthopedic surgery support algorithms

Ph.D. in biomechanics, mathematics or computer science
With 7+ years of experience in biomechanics of the human joint and
musculoskeletal system.
Experience in geometric algorithm (3D object manipulation, rigid and
Experience in computer geometrical algorithms
Experience in mechanical modeling (rigid and elastic)
Knowledge in Deformable templates is beneficial
Experience in tools & standards in the 3D modeling
Medical imaging experience is beneficial
Capable of working alone (simulation and lab development)
A genuine professional

Comments: Adequate financial terms and the opportunity to be involved in
the emersion of new computer added orthopedic systems. The job requires
relocation to Schwerin, Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern capital near
Hamburg - www.schwerin.de).

Meir Bar-Tal, Founder

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