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Gregory S. Sawicki Um
02-10-2003, 12:16 PM
We have electromagnetic interference in our laboratory coming from a
transformer room next door. This interference is giving us trouble with EMG

1. Is there a device that measures E-M noise levels similar to a Geiger
Counter for radiation? We want to pinpoint areas in our lab that
are "noisiest" and confirm our suspicions.

2. I have read the archived postings about Faraday Cages to eliminate E-M
interference; it seems like this could be an option for us. Is it feasible to
cage in the transformer room to prevent E-M interference from escaping to our
lab and other nearby labs?

3. If it is feasible would you recommend 1. a do it yourself strategy 2.
hiring a university electrician 3. or hiring someone with expertise in the area
(if there are such experts)? i.e. How much experience/expertise is required to
built a sufficient cage?

4. How much would a Faraday Cage cost? The transformer room is 10x10x9.

As always replies will be posted.

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