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unknown user
02-11-2003, 05:51 PM
Dear Biomech-l subscribers,

In my PhD thesis Iíll identify the material properties of articular
cartilage using an iterative forward approach. Therefore I implement the
mixed penalty biphasic material formulation by Spilker and Maxian into
diffpack (an object oriented program for the numerical solution of partial
differential equations).
Is there anyone who can share his/her experience about FEM of biphasic
materials with diffpack? As I am the only one in the lab working with this
program I would like to get in contact with you to discuss experiences,
difficulties etc.

I would appreciate any contacts


Sven Knecht, Dipl. Ing.
Laboratory for Biomechanics
ETH Zurich
CH-8952 Schlieren

Tel: +41 1 633 68 59
Fax: +41 1 633 11 24
E-mail: knecht@biomech.mat.ethz.ch

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