View Full Version : Simple Hand Model for Fatigue Measure

Juan Wachs
02-12-2003, 05:01 AM
Hello all Biomch-L members!
I have an important question that I must solve for my Phd thesis. I need some kind of parametric model that measures "fatigue", or "strength" (muscle power) to perform a posture (static gesture), where the parameters are: the finger confiugration (joints angles, palm position, orientation).
First of all I want to do something very simple, lets say using flat postures, with only one orientation of the hand, and any finger can be tensed or flexed. Putting this parameters in the parametric model (black box) I want an output value that tell me in numbers how "dificult to perform" the gesture is.

Thank you all!

Juan Wachs
Phd student, Ben-Gurion University.

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