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Tim L. A. Doyle
02-12-2003, 07:55 AM
Five Graduate Assistantships including tuition waiver are available in the Biomechanics laboratory of the School of Physical Education at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Students will enrol in a Master of Science degree, which is a 33-hour program of study typically completed over 2 academic years. Biomechanics graduate students can elect to complete there Masters with a clinical or sport focus. Students can take introductory and advanced level courses in such areas as Biomechanics of Human Movement, Mechanical Analysis of Motor Skills, Clinical Biomechanics, Topics in Biomechanics, Computer Programming, Research Methodologies, Statistics and more. Additional advanced courses, including research seminars, are also offered. Some background in the biological sciences is desirable and a good aptitude for math and mechanics is crucial. Fluent English is required. The Biomechanics Laboratory is well equipped to do research in various fields of clinical or sports human movement biomechanics. The Laboratory is equipped to measure 3D movement kinematics, externally applied forces and loads, electromyographic (EMG) activity, neuromuscular balance, ultrasound, bone and a wide range of interdisciplinary measures from other departments encompassing a wide variety of human movement tasks.

Additional information on the BSU Biomechanics Graduate program, is available online at

Applications for admission and financial aid should be received by the School of Physical Education and the Graduate School Admissions Office for students to receive full consideration for ALL financial aid options. For admission of a student into the Biomechanics Program, the main considerations are: (a) the course background of the student (science courses, including Physics, Mechanics, Mathematics, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Control and Learning, etc.); (b) the student's GRE scores ("quantitative" and "analytical" scores should preferably be in the 700's); and (c) the student's record of interest and academic performance in the biomechanics of human movement. Outstanding students from the biological and engineering sciences are encouraged to apply. For more information about the graduate program, please visit our departmental web page at

Candidates are strongly encouraged to send a letter of interest to: Dr. Brendan Humphries, Acting Director, Biomechanics Laboratory, School of Physical Education, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, 47306.

Phone: 765-285-5126, Fax: 765-285-8596, Email: bhumphries@bsu.edu

Brendan Humphries Ph.D.

Biomechanics Department

Ball State University

Muncie, IN 47304

United States of America

Telephone: (int + 1) 765 285 5126

Facsimile: (int + 1) 765 285 8596

Email: bhumphries@bsu.edu

Web: http://www.bsu.edu/web/bhumphries

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