View Full Version : Kinematics of the shoulder and arm

Thomas Moeslund
02-12-2003, 08:25 PM

My research field is computer vision-based human motion capture.
Currently I'm trying to capture the motion of a human arm based on video
from one camera. I apply a model-based approach and use kinematic
constraints to prune the search space.

In the literature I can find the minimum and maximum values of the three
DoF in the Gleno-humeral joint, and the one DoF in the elbow. What I
can't find is the limits for the angle velocity and angle acceleration
in those four joints. I would like to know these values for "normal"
movements. By normal movements I mean, the movements in everyday life
and not those extremes seen in sports, e.g,. in tennis. Also I would
like to know the absolute limits (probably from sports).

Can you help me?

Kind regards, Thomas Moeslund

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