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unknown user
02-16-2003, 03:01 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L users,

I’m a PhD Student of the University of Bologna; I’ve just started studying
the currently available biomechanical models of the upper extremity; from
what I’ve found out there are five main models for the shoulder :

1) ‘Swedish’ model, Karlsson D. and Peterson B. (1992), JBiomech. 25;

2) ‘Delft’ model, Van der Helm F.C.T (1994), JBiomech. 27;

3) ‘Newcastle’ model, Charlton I.W. & Johnson G.R. (2000), Proc.
International Shoulder Group;

4) Garner B.A. and Pandy M.G. (2001), Comput.Methods
Biomech.Biomed.Engin. vol. 4, who implemented a model based on the Visible
Human Male Dataset;

5) CHARM Project, Maurel W., Thalmann,D. (1999), Comput.Methods
Biomech.Biomed.Engin., vol. 2.

Do I have to add someone to my list?

Can you help me in pointing out which are the main limitations (if any) of
the currently available models?

Many thanks

Andrea Cutti

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