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Doris Siegl
02-16-2003, 07:09 PM
Dear list members,

I am working on a project called BurnCase ( http://www.burncase.at ) writing
my diploma thesis about how a 3D model of a human body can be changed in
respect to the body type. BurnCase is the prototype of a software product that
will be used by doctors to mark burn injuries on the human body model. Until
now we used Poser to create the models, but the appearance of these models
usually are too perfect. I mean, there are few people looking alike to these

The aim of my work will be to find out what are the most important measuring
data of a human body to create a 3D model that looks similar to the patient.
Until now I just found anthropometric data about human body measuring where
the single measuring data are not related to each other. For me it would be
interesting to find data which, for example, tells me that a person with chest
width X can only have a hip width between Y and Z.

I already got in contact with a company in Germany which distributes a
software to create body models (BodyBuilder of "Human Solutions") but the software
is very expensive. I would appreciate any information about other software
products too.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Doris Siegl
Hagenberg, Austria

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