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Jack Tigh Dennerlein
06-03-1993, 03:15 AM
The Ergonomics Laboratory at the University of California
(Berkeley and San Francisco) is seeking applicants for a full-time
postdoctoral research position. The successful applicant will
primarily be responsible for engineering and design aspects of
laboratory studies to investigate the biomechanics of hand and arm
function associated with work. Duties also include assisting
doctoral students (5) with instrumentation and study design issues
and participating in teaching two graduate courses in Ergonomics.
The position will begin between July 1, 1993 and December 31, 1993
and support is available for a minimum of two years.

The research focus is on understanding the etiology of carpal
tunnel syndrome and tendon disorders of the upper extremity
related to work. The research also involves
the evaluation of new concepts in the physical design of computer
input devices (e.g. keyboards, mice) using physiologic methods.
The researcher is encouraged to attend regular meetings of the
University's Orthopaedics Research Group and Biomedical
Engineering Seminars. The Ergonomics Laboratory is well staffed
and equipped with a machine shop, Macintosh computer platforms and
National Instruments data collection software and hardware.

The applicant should be an active scientist with a commitment to the
field of occupational biomechanics. The applicant must possess a
Ph.D. in an engineering field and should be knowledgeable in
instrumentation, study design, laboratory techniques,
electromyography, statistical methods and computer programming.
Experience with Macintosh computers and LabView Software is desired.
The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.

For further details contact:

David Rempel, M.D.
Ergonomics Laboratory
University of California
1301 46th Street, Bld 112
Richmond, CA 94804

E-mail address: rempel.d@applelink.apple.com