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Zvi Ladin
06-03-1993, 05:26 AM

of the



satellite meeting of the
International Society of Biomechanics

June 30th to July 3rd, 1993
Parc du Futuroscope, Poitiers, France

Wednesday, June 30th, 1993

19h00-22h00 Registration
20h00-22h00 Welcoming Reception

Thursday, July 1st, 1993

09h00-09h15 Announcements
Welcoming Address

09h15-10h15 Beyer, H.A.
ETH Hoenggerberg, Zurich, Switzerland
Advances in Imaging Technology and Camera Calibration
Techniques for the 3-D Analysis of Human Movement

Session One: Imaging

10h15-10h30 0.01 Pixel Detectors, High Distortion Modelization.
Peuchot, B.
10h30-10h45 A Three-Dimensional Geometric Model of An Athletic
Female Knee Joint Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Steele, J.R., Basu, A. and Job, A.
10h45-11h00 A Pilot Study on the Estimation of Femoral
Anterversion by Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Roosen, Ph., Van Roy, P., Hebbelinck, M. and Osteaux, M.

11h00-11h15 Break

Session Two: Instrumentation

11h15-11h30 Design and Realization of a Non-Invasive System for the
Generation of In Vivo Kinematic Animations of Knee Movement.
Sati, M., De Guise, J.A. and Drouin, G.
11h30-11h45 Gait Analysis Describing Femoral Rotations Measured
During Walking Using the 3-Space Tracker System.
Ayres, M.B., Pearcy, M.J., Frick, R.A. and Sharpe, M.H.
11h45-12h00 Okas-3D: An Opto-Electronic Jaw Movement Analysis System.
Naeije, M., Van Der Weijden, J.J. and Megens, C.C.E.J.

12h00-13h30 Luncheon

13h30-14h00 Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A.

Session Three: Methodology of 3-D Analysis

14h00-14h15 Kinematic Techniques For Describing Wrist Motion: Configuration
Space Plots as an Aid Identifying Joint Parameters.
Small, C.F., Moore, J.A., Bryant, J.T., Hollister, A.M.
and Pichora, D.R.
14h15-14h30 Six-Dof Forces and Moments at the Human Knee Joint: A Mathematical
Description with Respect to a Non-Orthogonal Coordinate System.
Fujie, H., Livesay, G.A., Tsukamoto, Y., Woo, S.L.-Y.,
Blomstrom, G., Mabuchi, K., Fujita, M. and Sasada, T.
14h30-14h45 Identification of the Mechanism Analogous to the Moving
Hand-Arm System.
Dimnet, J., Gutierrez, C., San Marcelino, R. and Cheze, L.
14h45-15h00 Modified Segment Length Normalization.
Stivers, K.A., Wise, J., Ariel, G.B., Vorobiev, A.G.
and Probe, J.D.
15h00-15h15 Calibrated Anatomical Systems Technique in 3-D Motion
Analysis Assessment of Artifacts.
Cappozzo, A., Catani, F., Della Croce, U. and Leardini, A.
15h15-15h30 Using the Polar Decomposition Theorem to Determine the Rotation
Matrix from Noisy Landmark Measurements in the Study of Human Joint
Wang, X., Rezgui, M.A. and Verriest, J.P.
15h30-15h45 New Weighted Least Squares and Smoothing Scheme for Kinematics
Analysis: Application to Instantaneous Helical Axis Determination.
Angeloni, C., Cappello, A., Magnani, G. and Leardini, A.

15h45-16h15 Break

16h15-17h15 Eugeniy S. Pyatnitskiy
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Coordination of Multiarm Robot Manipulator Motions and Some
Applications to Human Movements.

Session Four: Motor Control Modelling

17h15-17h30 Equations of Motion for Human Subjects Using Ankles Only
Postural Responses.
Beckley, D.J., Remler, M.P. and Bloem, B.R.
17h30-17h45 New Aproach to Fitts' Law Explanation.
Doonskaya, N.V.
17h45-18h00 Motor Redundancy Overcoming During Reaching Movement.
Biryukova, e.V., Dufosse, M. and Magomedova, O.A.

19h30-20h00 Departure
20h30-24h00 Dinner

Friday, July 2nd, 1993

08h30-09h30 William W. ARMSTRONG
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Application of Adaptive Logic Networks and Dynamics to Study
and Control of Human Movement.

Session Five: Posture and Motion of the Head and Trunk

09h30-09h45 A Simple Technique for the Assessment of 3-Dimensional Neck
Smith, S.D.
09h45-10h00 Three-Dimensional Analysis of Scoliosis Surgery Using
Tredwell, S.J., Booth, K.S., Reilly, C., Sawatsky,B.J.
and Dvorak, M.
10h00-10h15 Instantaneous Helical Axes Estimation from 3-D Video Data
in Neck Kinematics.
Long-Derickson, K., Ribaudo, T.A., Osterbauer, P.J.,
Fuhr, A.W. and Yamaguchi, G.T.
10h15-10h30 A Nonlinear Biomechanical Model for Idiopathic Scoliosis.
DeSilva, C.N. and DeSilva, S.P.

10h30-10h45 Break

Session Six: Analysis and Display of Kinetic Information

10h45-11h00 Three-Dimensional Kinematics of the Foot.
D'Andrea, S., Tylkowski, C., Losito, J., Arguedas, W., Bushman,
T. and Howell, V.

11h15-11h30 The Effect of Inertial Load on Human Force and Moment
During Locomotion.
Wu, G. and Ladin, Z.
11h30-11h45 Computer Animation of Human Body Motion in Sport, Using Real
Captured Data and a "Consistent" Mechanical Model.
Alvarez, G., Serrano, N., Gutierrez, A., Urban, P. and Avello, A.

11h45-12h15 BTS Bioengineering Technology & Systems, Milan, Italy

12h15-13h00 Luncheon

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, U.S.A.
On Capturing the Dynamic Geometry of Human form and Function -
A Continuing Challenge

14h00-14h30 ARIEL Life Systems Europe, Malmedy, Belgique

14h30-15h30 Debate
Can we make robots dance the tango by the year 2000?
Procorner: Eugeniy S. PYATNITSKIY
Concornor: William W. ARMSTRONG
Moderator: Elena BIRYUKOVA

15h30-18h30 Visit to the Parc du Futuroscope

20h00-20h30 Departure
20h30-24h00 Cocktails and Banquet
Palais de Justice de Poitiers
Salle des Pas Perdus (XIIth Century)

Saturday, July 3rd, 1993

08h30-09h30 David MORIN
Softimage, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

09h30-10h00 Peak Performance Technologies Inc., Englewood, CO, U.S.A.

10h00-10h30 Poster Session

1. The Use of Force Plates and C.C.D. Cameras for Analyzing Knee Load
During Gait.
Geiger, D., Pelisse, F. and Marie, F.
2. Semi 3-D Computer Aided Video Analysis of the Human Respiration Movement.
Pokorny, H., Kaufmann, H., Engelke, K. and Holzer, P.
3. A New Biomechanical Model for the Study of Human Body Dynamics.
Bakr, E.M. and Habib, M.S.
4. On the Clinical Use of 3-D Analysis of Rhythmical Movements:
Preliminary Results.
Baratto, L., Cartasegna, F., Morasso, P., Sanguineri, V. and Spada, G.
5. Three Dimensional Modelizing of the Human Body Applied to the Study of
Joint Forces and Moments.
Barbier, F. and Angue, J.C.
6. The Response of Club and Golfer to the Forces Generated in the Golf Swing.
Cooper, M.A.J., and Mather, J.S.B.
7. Are Biomechanical Measures of Osteoarthritic Gait Affected by Exercise?
Grote, R.H. and Udvarhely, D.L.
8. Different Kinematic and Dynamic Models of Gait Analysis.
Cheze, L., Gignoux, P. and Dimnet, J.
9. Detection and Measurement of Spontaneous Movements in Infants Using
Motion Analysis Techniques.
Piek, J. and Case, I.
10. An Anatomical Based Model for 3-D Representation of Human Gait in
Clinical Context.
Leardini, A., Rinaldi, G., Melandri, R. and Catani, F.
11. Analysis of Coupled Joint Motion in the Lower Back and the Role of the
Spine in Human Locomotion.
Roozman, P., Gracovetsky, S.A., Gouw, G.J. and Newman, N.M.
12. Evaluation of Soft Tissue Artefacts in the In Vivo Determination of Human
Knee Instantaneous Helical Axis.
Angeloni, C., Cappello, A., Catani, F. and Leardini, A.
13. Three-Dimensional Ankle Kinematics.
Murphy, N. and Allard, P., Aissaoui, R., Duhaime, M. and Gagnon, S.
14. 3-D Calibration Method for Distorted Images.
Pongracz, F., Stahulak, M., Johnston, D., Gantar, R. and Truppe, M.
15. Biomechanical Analysis of the Spine in Lower Extremity Dysmetria.
Manganiello, A.
16. Length Normalization for Rigid Body Movement.
Stivers, K.A., Wise, J., Ariel, G.B., Vorobiev, A.G. and Probe, J.D.

10h30-11h30 Sutherland, D.
University of California at San Diego, U.S.A.

Session Seven: Human Locomotion and Rehabilitation

11h30-11h45 Characterization of the Heelstrike Transient Using a Force Platform.
Whittle, M.W.
11h45-12h00 The Ground Reaction Force in the Gait of Intoeing Children.
Xue-Cheng, L., Van Audekercke, R., Fabry, G., Molenaers, G.,
Nijs, J. and Govaerts, S.
12h00-12h15 Three-Dimensional Assessment of Human Gait.
Crowe, A., Schiereck, P. and Keessen, W.
12h15-12h30 A Tool for the Evaluation of Prosthetic Malalignment.
Rosenberg, H. Tacheuschner, R. and Tober, H.
12h30-12h45 Measurement of Loads in Leg Prostheses Used Outside the Laboratory.
Pashalides, S., Solomonidis, S.E. and Paul, J.P.

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