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John Scholz
06-03-1993, 05:55 AM
Dear subscribers,
Several weeks ago I requested information about an EMG telemetry
system made by NORAXON. Thanks you all of you who replied. The
information was helpful. Below, I post a summary of responses.
I hope that they will be helpful to someone else as well.

John Scholz
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We recently bought an eight channel Noraxon unit. Although generally the
unit is noise free, easy to use etc there are some points which we are
disappointed with. The advertising implies that the unit helps to eliminate
movement artefact. This is definitely not the case and this problem depends
as much on careful preparation as ever. This is corroborated by a German
user Dr Wolfgang Laube of the Klinik Bavaria. Another problem we have with our
unit is that the system does not operate correctly unless it has been given
a warm-up time of about one hour ... ie it gives an overload signal when
first switshed on. Wollongong University also has the same model but they
don't have the switch on problem.
We have not done any range tests yet but it certainly works well within our
laboratory environment as far as that is concerned.
I have heard of many laboratories who have EMG telemetry systems sitting on
shelves because of the problem of interference. We have not had that
problem with this system.
Good Luck with your search. Let us know how you go.
+ Richard Smith e-mail: bi_rsmith@cchs.su.EDU.AU +
+ Head, Biomechanics Division, Department of Biological Sciences, +
+ Faculty of Health Sciences, ,-_|\ +
+ The University of Sydney voice: +61 2 646 6462 / \ +
+ East Street, Lidcombe, NSW 2141 fax: +61 2 646 6520 \_,-._* +

We have had the Noraxon telemyo (telemetry) system for 1 1/2 years and have
been very happy with it. Pick-up is good for long distances and through
walls. Signals are clean. We haven't utilized their collection software,
but have used the analysis software. For our purposes (primarily pattern
analysis at this point) the software has not been great. However, their
upgrade (due soon they say) should be much better. They are expensive,
but the hardware is in my opinion worth it. The support has been good,
although I may have had extra attention since my unit was the first of their
telemetry systems in this country. I've heard complaints from others in
the support area. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. You are
welcome to visit my lab. Are you going to APTA in Cinci? If so, a tour is
coming up on that Sunday (June 13).
Mary Rodgers

We have just purchased the Telemyo EMG telemetry system from Noraxon at the
beginning of this year. We purchased the 8-channel system.
We are still learning about its "strengths" and "weaknesses" but at this
stage are very happy with the performance of the system. It is very simple
to use and is providing us with very clear raw signals. We purchased the
system based on the recommendations of Richard Smith, Head of Biomechanics
Department at Cumberland College in Sydney, NSW, Australia. They had
conducted an extensive review of the systems available, including email
requests for information. The Noraxon system was certainly not the cheapest
but appeared a better quality system than others available at the same time.

The only concern we have is that we purchased the "interfacing system" which
we now see no real need for. That is, it would appear all that is really
required is the receiver + antena and transmitter (including cables etc).
The interfacing system can be bypassed by use of an appropriate A_D card and
suitable software. We are just in the process of putting the system to the
test in analysing a dynamic task so hopefully we can provide you with more
information about the success of the system in a few weeks time.

If you have any further questions related to the system, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

All the best with your evaluation of the system...
Julie R. Steele
Department of Biomedical Science
University of Wollongong
Northfields Ave
Wollongong NSW 2522
email j.steele@uow.edu.au

I gather from your "Noraxon (sp?)" that you don't have much
information on Noraxon. I offer the following--it may help you
get additional information ...
8381 E. Gelding Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: 602-443-3413
FAX : 602-951-8046

I have a flyer on their "TELEMYO" product described as a
"Multi Channel EMG Telemetry System".
They exhibited during the First World Congress of Biomechanics
held at The University of California, San Diego in August 1990.
I picked up the flyer at that time.
Sorry I don't have any more.

3136 Pauline Drive
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Phone: 707/829-8883
FAX : 707/829-3527
Internet : Jim.Walton@Forsythe.Stanford.Edu
Bitnet : Jim.Walton@Stanford.Bitnet

Hi !
I have experience on using both Mega Electronics and Noraxons EMG systems.
Personally I would maybe recommend the MEGA system, although these
kinds of recommendations are always difficult to make, because the
systems are so similar. Two major things, that are better in the
MEGA system are:
- the preamplifiers are located on the skin near the recording
electrodes. This significantly decreases the cable movement
artefacts. The Noraxon people claim that their system can also
take care of the cable artefacts. However, I have constantly
had problems caused by cable and electrode movements when using
their system.

- the usability and quality of the supporting software is better
in the MEGA system. There seems to be manyy bugs in the NORAXON
software, it sometimes crashes, and it is difficult to use.
Good thing in the NORAXON software is that it is fast, much
faster than the MEGA software. Well, the MEGA software isnt
perfect, it also has its problems