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James Coburn
02-26-2003, 03:07 PM

Recently, I posted a question about interpolating with B-Splines. I
am trying to interpolate complete motions and have adapted a quaternion
interpolation method to account for the rotations while translations are
interpolated using hermite curves. Each of my algorithms work correctly on
their own. Combining both translations and rotations into one
transformation results in numbers (visualized as animations) that seem to
follow an unlikely path.
Ideally we are looking for the path of lowest curvature (lowest
energy) through all points. It seems that I am not combining the rotation
and translation interpolations correctly. One possibility is that because
the combination brings each position relatively close to the previous
(applied rotations and translations individually makes the object move
approximately 5 times as far when they are applied together) errors that
could not be seen are now in such close proximity that they are visible.

Does anyone have experience interpolating complete transforms,
especially using quaternion math?

Thank you for any help


Brown University Orthopedic Research
Dept of Engineering Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI Providence, RI

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