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unknown user
06-04-1993, 01:50 AM
MHS: Source date is: 4-Jun-93 11:36 EST

I am doing some work on the flexibility of the forefoot. I have checked
Sarrafian: Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle which has provided me some references
in addition to a wealth of information.

But... I am looking for some specifics as to the placement of the
metatarsophalangeal joints for not only the first, but second - fifth toes.
Does anyone have this data as a percentage from the calcaneous? I know it
varies a lot, this is the point I am trying to make. If anyone has a database
of measurements including standard deviations and ranges, that would be perfect
and I would greatly appreciate it. I know that might be pie-in-the-sky, but if
anyone knows where I could find such data, please let me know. Thank-you.


Jon Fewster