View Full Version : Normal plots of joint forces during gait

Dwight Meglan
06-07-1993, 12:25 AM

I have a question for the collective net.wisdom of the electronic
biomechanics community:

I am searching for published plots of the average normalized
intersegmental resultant joint forces in 3D of the lower limb joints based
upon a large population sample. There is such data for the joint moments,
for instance the paper by Kadaba et al. in the Journal of Orthopaedic
Research several years ago. Ideally, what I would like to find is plots
just like those, which show the average and standard deviation of the
values of the moment components as a function of percent gait cycle.

I have found limited data such as single subject plots but I am looking
for a broad data set. As some of you know, the gait software that I have
written can calculate these quantities and I have done it numerous times.
However, I am seeking this data for a review article and would like to use
only previously published works rather than my own data. Besides, I would
have to collect a lot more data than I have in my posession right now- too
much time required.

Thanks for your help. I'll summarize the replies I receive.

dwight meglan

P.S. The port of my locomotion analysis and display software from VAX/UNIX
platforms to the PC is moving along. Look for an announcement of where you
can download it late in June or early in July.