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Claire Hillery
03-11-2003, 05:03 AM

I am currently performing fatigue tests on some porcine artery. I have already
had one artery break but am stuck as regards knowing what to do with it. How do
I go about looking at the fibres and finding out what has happened to them? I
realise microscopy is probably the best way, but if I use a microscope, I will
need to cut a thin section which inevitably will cut the fibres (I have already
tried light microscopy).

I also do not yet know what the cause of fracture is (non-elastic deformation,
molecular or defects) and would be grateful to anyone who might be able to tell
me how I go about working this out.

I will gladly post my results in a few days time.

Kindest regards

Claire Hillery

Claire Hillery
Royal London Hospital,
E1 1BB,
Mob: 07946 727926

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