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Anthony D Banks
03-11-2003, 05:29 AM
Dear Subscribers,

I am an ergonomist for Eastman Kodak Company. We are currently attempting
to design an internal tool for the purpose of supporting our evaluation and
redesign of a number of varied manual tasks. Presently, we are attempting
to develop guidelines around the maximum forces that should be allowed
under various motions (eg. push/pull, directed medially/distally to the
midline of the body) or forces exerted in x,y,z planes, at the hand at
various distances from the body (eg. horizontal distances or percentages of
grip distance). I am familiar with the study by Kulman and colleagues
(1992) and the results of the Rohmert (1966) study, as referenced by Caffin
et al. (1999), and and would like to know if anyone can provide me with
information or references of further studies presenting either maximal
strength parameters or suggested maximal allowable force guidelines related
to forces at the hand in such situations. Any assistance or direction you
can offer will be greatly appreciated. I will, of course, post a summary
of all responses.


Anthony D. Banks

Chaffin, D.B., Andersson, G.B.J. and Martin, B.J. (1999). Occupational
Biomechanics, Third Edition, Wiley-Interscience, New York.

Kulman, J.R., Iannotti, J.P., Kelly, M.J., Reigler, F.X., Gevaert, M.L. and
Ergin, T.M. (1992). Isokenetic and isometric measurement or the strength
of external rotation and abduction of the shoulder. Journal of Bone and
Joint Surgery, 74-A, 1320-1333.

Rohmert, W. (1966). Maximalkrafte von Mannern im Bewegungsraum der Arme
und Beine, Westerdurtscher Verlag, Koln, Germany.

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