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03-12-2003, 01:02 AM
Dear All

I have recently completed a piece of software that can convert digitised
coordinates from the 3 split screen options of the JVC 9700 camera and
produce the true x & y coordinates for each marker. The software is GUI
based and standalone, i.e. doesn't require any proprietary software to be

I am sure people have programmed similar algorithms to do this however if
the community is interested interest to I can make the software available
for download.

Regards Ross

Ross Anderson PhD MSc
Dept of Sport and Exercise Sciences and
Centre for Biomedical Electronics
University of Limerick
Tel - +353 (0) 86 8500833 or +353 (0) 61 202810
Fax - +353 (0) 865 8500833
e-Mail - ross.anderson@ul.ie
WWW - www.rossanderson.net

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