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Jan Herman Kuiper
11-29-1989, 07:18 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L readership,

Recently I received this warning on my reader. I thought it to be useful
passing it on.

Have a nice Christmas!

Jan Herman Kuiper.

*** Resending note of 11/29/89 11:55
================================================== =======================


There is another CHRISTMAS-like EXEC in the EARN network.
Its name is DIR EXEC but it may also show up under different names.
If executed this exec multiplies itself and sends the copies to all
people listed in your userid NAMES file.
And much worse: it will delete all files with a date > 1989.

If you receive a DIR EXEC or any suspect exec from an untrusted source
please inform me and do not execute it.

Berthold Pasch (PASCH at DHDIBM1)