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Aleksandr Shirinov
03-17-2003, 02:21 AM


This new, not-for-profit Society brings together researchers
interested in haptics. This field encompasses all aspects of
the sense of touch, including basic research in perception
and action, and the development of interfaces and applications
to allow human-machine interaction and communication through
touch. Intended to promote and exchange knowledge about all
aspects of the field, the Society currently offers the following
benefits to members:

1. A series of virtual lectures on haptics. The lectures are
available to members through the World Wide Web, and offer the
following unique advantages:

a. The opportunity for faculty, graduate students and
postdoctoral fellows to present their work to a professional,
worldwide community on a regular basis.

b. The opportunity for real-time interaction with a community
of professionals, regardless of actual geographical location.

c. Off-line access to previous virtual lectures.

2. An electronic chat service. Always available, the chat service
provides a venue for informal exchange of ideas. It is also the
main forum for discussion of the virtual lectures in real-time,
question/answer sessions with the speakers.

3. An electronic journal club. The purpose of the Society journal
club is to discuss interesting papers on any aspect of haptics.
The journal club is held online, through the Society chat service.
The journal club consists of an hour-and-a-half discussion of a
paper. Whenever possible, the author(s) of the paper are invited
to attend the journal club. Invited author(s) would not have to
prepare a full presentation about their papers, but only be
available to answer questions. Invited authors may or may not be
Society members.

4. Industrial contacts. The Society is collaborating with
Immersion Corporation (http://www.immersion.com) to help provide
development support and tools to researchers. As part of this
collaboration, there are limited stocks of free haptic mice
available to researchers on a per-project basis. The Society also
collaborates with Global Haptics, Inc. (http://www.globalhaptics.com)
in an equivalent effort. Please contact us for details.

Please note that Society services are not intended to replace or
compete with the leading haptics conferences such as Eurohaptics
or the Haptics Symposium. Published, or accepted-for-publication,
material is particularly suitable for a Society lecture.


All professionals whose work is related to haptics are invited
to join the Society. Areas of interest include, but are not
restricted to:

Control systems
Data visualization and display
Experimental psychology: perception, action, cognition in humans
and other organisms
Haptic rendering
Haptic interfaces
Industrial applications
Mechanical engineering
Medical applications
Virtual environments

Members of the business community are welcome to join the Society,
and give research-oriented lectures that present the technical
features of their haptics-related products, as well as case
studies or applications.

For more information, including membership requirements, please
consult the Society's website at


The Society thanks Immersion Corporation and Global Haptics, Inc.
for their collaboration, and welcomes new contacts with industry
in all areas that are relevant to haptics research.

(apologies for cross-postings)

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