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Mahar, Andrew
03-17-2003, 03:26 AM
Hello to the group,

I am posting the question below for a colleague who is having some
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Hello all,

About 12 years ago I was browsing in the medical
school library and saw a book that purported to
describe the mechanics of the heart.

In the book was a sketch as follows.
Imagine cutting out a large triangle from a sheet
of paper. On the paper were drawn many lines.

Wrap the triangluar cut-out into the form of an
ice-cream cone.

The resulting "cone" represents the ventricle.
The layers of overlaping paper represent the
layers of heart muscle.

The lines that were (on the flat paper) straight,
now become cycling lines (no longer straight)
represent the principal material directions of
strengh of the fibers in the heart.

Can someone point me to that source if you know it?
I would like to see that picture again.



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