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03-18-2003, 12:41 AM
Hello Everybody
I am a graduate student at Seton Hall University. I am searching for information about how pelvic inclination affects the stability of the lumbar spine as it relates to low back pain.
Functional segmental instability of the lumbar spine have been described extensively by Richardson, Jull, Hodges and Hides prescribing a specific exercise progression targeting the muscular stabilizing system of the lumbar spine. This is described in their book'"Therapeutic exercise for spinal segmental stabilization in low back pain", Churchill Livingstone, 1999. The concept of functional instability of the lumbar spine is to a large degree founded on the work of Panjabi defining instability as; " a significant decrease in the capacity of the stabilising system of the spine to maintain the intervertebral neutral zones within the physiological limits so that there is no neurological dysfunction, and no incapacitating pain" Panjabi. 1992.
I have been unable to locate litterature that specifically adresses how pelvic inclination plays a role in the compressive and shearing forces of the lumbar spine. These forces would have great impact on the stability of the lumbar spine.
I would greatly appriciate if someone could direct me in a direction, where to find relevant research or if a certain research article is known.
Kim Poulsen

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