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03-18-2003, 02:52 AM
Thank you to the numerous people who responded quickly with helpful information. A number of viable solutions were suggested for systems to analyze golf swing kinematics. Some systems are general biomechanical systems, while others offer golf-specific packages. The systems that were recommended are listed below (in alphabetical order).
- Glenn Fleisig, Ph.D.

Anybody Technology (www.anybodytech.com)
C-Motion (www.c-motion.com)
Dartfish (www.dartfish.com)
GolfTek (www.golftek.com/videoswing.html)
Innovative Sports Training (www.innsport.com/TheSwingTrainer.htm
Life Modeler (www.lifemodeler.com)
Motion Analysis Corporation (www.motionanalysis.com)
Motion Reality system (www.motionrealityinc.com)
Peak Performance system (www.peakperform.com)
Qualysis (www.qualisys.com)
Quintic (www.quintic.com)
Skill Technologies system (www.skilltechnologies.com)
Silicon Coach (www.siliconcoach.com/software_pro.shtml)
Swing Dynamics (www.swingdynamics.com/smt.html)
Vicon (www.vicon.com)

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